“Men are to be allies of the feminist cause, not enemies”

24 Nov 2022 | Blog, Blog, In the media, In the media

As a woman born in Sant Cugat and on the occasion of the honorary award that the Association of Women Managers, Businesswomen and Professionals is going to give me, the media Tot Sant Cugat has conducted this interview with me in which I reflect on the role of women in companies .

What do women contribute to companies? First of all, diversity. When you see the boards of directors with all the same gentlemen, you think: “What innovation is there in this company?” Where there is no diversity, there is no innovation or creativity. Diversity of thought, of way of doing, of way of deciding, of way of leading teams? We need both genders, so that both contribute complementary and necessary things for the success of a company. Where you have equal management teams, or where there is a good mix of men and women, there are better financial results. People work better.


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