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Eva Blanco Catalán · Corporate communication consultant

“I provide companies with my knowledge, experience, and best practices to achieve the most engaged and motivated teams. When you put people first, you always win”

Eva Blanco Catalán

Let me introduce myself

I’m Eva, passionate about corporate culture and employees’ experience. That is why, I have dedicated more than 30 years of my professional career internationally to working so that organizations have the best internal communication strategies and plans. Is this important? Certainly.

A good internal communication plan is the lever that will help you increase your teams’ engagement rate, an essential factor in achieving the goals of any company, no matter how big or small: growth and good business results, good brand reputation, and ability to attract the best talent.

If you want your company to achieve these goals, I can help you.


Corporate culture, transformation and purpose

Align your business goals to your purpose and culture, and you will start to notice changes.

Internal Communications, inspiring and role modeling leadership

Make your internal communication the essential tool that connects everyone in the company, whatever their role is, with business goals, culture, and values.

Sustainability, DEI & social Impact

Being socially responsible is no longer an option. Get involved in the community around you, involve the teams, and act to achieve a more sustainable, fair, and balanced world.

Employer branding

Attract the best talent working on your brand reputation from the inside out.

Employee experience

Your employees are your best ambassadors. Boost their sense of pride and belonging and they will give their best version of everything.


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More than thirty years connecting companies and people with the desire to contribute from organizations to building a better world.

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Eva Blanco Catalán

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