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Eva Blanco Catalán

My conviction: the value of connecting companies and people


My work is my vocation: make communication between people and company flow. I have been doing this for more than three decades.

With the knowledge and experience I have acquired for more than thirty years, I help companies, large and small, to create, develop, and implement the internal communication strategies and plans they need. With this valuable tool, companies grow, achieve successful business results, enjoy a good brand reputation, and attract the best talent.

Does your company want to reach these milestones? I can help you.

Eva Blanco Catalán

More than 20 years dedicated to this mission at HP

For more than 20 years I have worked for HP as Public Affairs & Communications Manager at its International Center in Barcelona. I was one of the forerunners of internal communication when this concept didn’t have a name yet, creating the first HP plan where we made management aware of the benefits of maintaining transparent, direct, and frequent communication with people.

I was at the forefront of creating, and supporting, different activities within the company focused on promoting connection, a sense of belonging, and positive social impact. . Actions such as Charity Day, where we collected more than €700,000; the Women Network aimed at enhancing women’s professional careers and ensuring their participation in decision-making spaces; initiatives to encourage girls’ interest in engineering careers; and fostering a culture of innovation among people in any department, generating new ideas to change processes and businesses.

I was also at the forefront of the communication and integration of the corporate culture of several company acquisitions performed by one of HP’s international businesses.

All these activities made HP’s International Center in Barcelona become a reference inside and outside the company at a global level, appearing prominently in various national rankings on the best companies to work for.

During this professional stage, representing HP, I was an active member of the boards and executive commissions of various entities such as theFundació Catalunya Cultura, Sant Cugat Empresarial, Respon.cat, Clúster Hábitat and BCD.

I also combined my work at HP with my active participation in non-profit organizations such as Lean In Network Barcelona.

How can I help you?

I currently share my experience and best practices with companies that need it and want to make changes internally to have an impact externally. I develop this function mainly as a Senior Advisor for communication agencies and for companies that need it.

My goal is to make companies, no matter their size, work with a clear purpose by always putting people at the center.


I improve your employees’ experience.


I create internal communication strategies and plans that increase employee engagement rates.


I boost your company’s reputation internally and externally to attract the best talent.


I get your employees to become ambassadors of the company’s sustainability goals, from caring for the planet to defending human rights through a diverse, inclusive, and equal corporate culture for everyone.

Lean In Network Barcelona

an almost 2000-member network.

A space for connection, inspiration, and support to professional women. We help them to get to wherever they want without fear and barriers.

Since 2021 I have led the Barcelona community of this international non-profit founded by Sheryl Sandberg.

Organizations with which I collaborate


More than thirty years connecting companies and people with the desire to contribute from organizations to build a better world.

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Eva Blanco Catalán

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