Employer branding


Employer branding

Do you find it difficult to attract talent and/or retain it?

New generations have specific needs, they communicate differently and have clear expectations about what they want from a company. Do you know how to reach them?

Employees, our best ambassadors

Having a good Employer Branding is a direct consequence of having a good corporate culture because if we ensure that all the people who make up the organization are ambassadors of the company, the external reputation will be impacted in a very positive way.

Even so, it may be difficult to attract talent and, in times of great competitiveness in the labor market in certain professional areas, even retain it.

This is where having a good Employer Branding plan can be crucial to strengthen our external reputation and, for this, the total and absolute complicity of the organization is essential.

I develop Employer Branding plans adapted to your needs that will position you as an employer of reference in your sector, attracting the best talent.

How I work



I actively listen to all the parts involved: leadership, teams, and external stakeholders.



I analyze the situation and areas to improve by identifying the strengths and weaknesses of each one of them.



I co-create with the leaders to work on the most appropriate solutions for each situation and culture.



I accompany the company in the implementation of the strategies, initiatives, campaigns, and actions developed for each situation.

If you want to make changes in your company to improve your internal experience and enhance your external reputation, we will take your company far. Write to me without obligation.


More than thirty years connecting companies and people with the desire to contribute from organizations to build a better world.

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